WIN-004 Cyclops Electric Window Closer

WIN-004 Cyclops Electric Window Closer

Many cars fitted with electric windows remove power from the electric window control switches when the ignition is switched off. This makes it impossible to close the car windows without turning the ignition switch back on. As new cars provide keyless entry, so there is not much worse than looking back at your car while you lock the doors, and one of the windows is still open. The WIN-004 ensures all windows are closed when your remote control locks the doors.

Closes each window independently

When a lock signal is detected from the car's central locking, the ACC-004 powers up each window in turn. When the window reaches the top of it's travel, the electric current monitor circuit in the ACC-004 switches to the next window.

Adjustable motor power setting

The WIN-004 drop-out setting can be increased/decreased as required. Old/Sticky windows may require higher drop-out current

Multiple trigger methods to suit all vehicles

The WIN-004 can use:
a negative lock pulse to close all
a constant negative to close all (safer)
a negative lock to close 2; a negative boot release to open 2
a negative indicator flash in time with a negative lock pulse to close all.

Suitable for both two and four door vehicles

The WIN-004 contains enough wiring to control:
4 windows, all in one direction each.
2 windows, in two directions each.
Any number of windows less than 4 in one direction (unused circuits will time-out after 15 seconds)

Compatible with these alarm/immobiliser systems

P275, P355, P375, P375B, P385, P485, P755, P775, P775B, P785

Installation Guide

Complete installation guide and specifications for the WIN-004.