SEN-009 Cyclops Tilt & Shock Sensor

SEN-009 Cyclops Tilt & Shock Sensor

Angular Protection
This sensor has been developed to detect a change in angle of the a vehicle and the vibration impacting upon the vehicle

Environment adjustment

If vehicle is buffeted by strong gust of wind, the sensor allows the vehicle time to return to the original angle

Adjustable sensitivity

Allows installer/user to adjust the two sections of the sensor independently

Plug and play for service

Designed to allow easy access for service technicians. Plugs and sockets are located inside the main control module to protect against access by thieves

Trigger status indicator

LED indicator shows when sensor is triggered

Super low current draw

3mA when idle, 6mA when triggered for 1 second

Wide Operating voltage

Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC

Operating temperature

-20 degrees to +85 degrees for equipment designed to be installed within vehicle cabin

Polarity protection

The system circuitry is design to protect itself against accidental battery polarity reversal. This can happen when replacing the vehicle battery

Trigger output rating

Each output of the sensor can sink 300mA, suitable for energising relay coil when necessary

Trigger output is back EMF protected

Clamping diode protects the output driver transistor(s) to stop damage from the super high voltages that occur when a relay coil is released

Maximum range angle of deviation

50 degrees on any axis

Minimum detectable angle

2 degrees on any axis

Installation Guide

Complete installation guide and specifications for the SEN-009.

User Guide

Informs the end-user of the system's functions, features and limitations.