RF Transmission Frequency

433MHz pulse width modulated (locked by SAW device)

Pseudo random encryption method

Each remote control generates a completely new and pseudo random identification code, each code is only ever used once. This ensures any code digitally recorded radio transmission will not arm/disarm any system.

High Intensity LED

Green, high intensity surface mount LED

Extra long battery life

The CR2016 3 volt 80mAH Lithium battery has a expected average life span of between 9 and 18 months (depending on usage). Battery manufacturer may vary due to availability of stock. See the GP battery manufacturer website.

Switch Type

This remote control uses 1 x double pole, double throw, SMT switches. Each switch has 4 pads

Compatible with these remote controls

Many remote controls have the same encoder and transmission frequency.

Programming Instructions

Details the programming procedure for installing new remote controls into a alarm/immobiliser memory. Also includes a list of possible problems if the procedure fails.