4CL-002 cyclops remote 4 Door Central Locking Kit

4CL-002 cyclops remote 4 Door Central Locking Kit
Master and slave actuators

Each kit uses a master actuator for each front door, and a slave actuator for the rear door (4 in total). Master actuators control all actuators

Full complement of hardware

Supplied with all metal brackets, superior 3 point fixing clamps with slot / cross head screws, rods, worms, speed nuts and cabling required for standard installation

Intelligent switch controller

Includes active central locking controller

Remote activation

The central locking kit can also be operated by remote control

Rolling Code / Code Hopping

Rolling code encoder with over 18,000,000,000,000,000,000+ code combinations, transmitting via 433MHz PWM RF signal

Large system memory

Allows system to track five controllers

Controller re-programming

Service technician can delete lost or stolen controllers from memory

Pre-loomed wire harness

Generous wire loom to connect four doors, all wires fully sheathed

Arm/Disarm confirmation

System flashes car indicators when arming or disarming

Wide Operating voltage

Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC

Operating temperature

-20 degrees to +85 degrees for equipment designed to be installed within vehicle cabin

Polarity protection

The system circuitry is design to protect itself against accidental battery polarity reversal. This can happen when replacing the vehicle battery

Short circuit protection

The power supply wire to the system is protected against an internal fault within the system

Current rating

All relays rated to carry 15amps continuous, connector 8amps continuous

Manufacturers warranty on Control module

Guarantees product is free from manufacturing defects for 12 months from time of purchase

Manufactured to international standards

Produced in accordance with UNI-ES-ISO 9002