REM-090T CYCLOPS Remote Control

CYCLOPS Remote Control with Transponder

RF Transmission Frequency

433MHz pulse width modulated (locked by SAW device)

Pseudo random encryption method

Each remote control generates a completely new and pseudo random identification code, each code is only ever used once. This ensures any code digitally recorded radio transmission will not arm/disarm any system.

Battery type

2 x CR2016 3.0 volt Lithium cells

Transponder Enhanced

Allows system to be disarmed automatically

High Intensity LED

Blue high intensity 3mm LED

Extra long battery life

The CR2032 3 volt 210mAH Lithium battery has a expected average life span of between 12 and 24 months (depending on usage). Battery manufacturer may vary due to availability of stock. See the GP battery manufacturer website.

Printed Circuit Board Marking


Switch Type

This remote control uses 2 x single pole, single throw, SMT switches. Each switch has 2 pads

Compatible with Cyclops remote control systems

Cyclops range of immobilisers/alarms : P355, P375, P375B, P385, P755, P775, P775B, P785, KE-CLR-TX90, KE-CLR-TX11, S35i, S35B, S35C, S75i, S75B and S75C

Compatible with these remote controls

Many remote controls have the same encoder and transmission frequency.

Programming Instructions

Details the programming procedure for installing new remote controls into a alarm/immobiliser memory. Also includes a list of possible problems if the procedure fails.