Road-eye RE150 Front & rear Dash Cam

Road-eye RE150 Front & rear Dash Cam
RoaD-eye is proof beyond reasonable doubt.

The RoaD-eye DASHCAM is smartly designed providing front and rear all-time recording. Dashcams have been in the market since 2013 and are now an important accessory and significant investment for a peace of mind. Recordings have been taken into consideration by insurance companies as they establish clear evidence of a scenery.

RoaD-eye records at FullHD* in different modes; driving mode, parking mode and can be set to separate event recording, motion recording in order to keep a record of you driving. In addition, RoaD-eye comes with GPS which will help keeping track of each video at the Google maps coordinates with exact satellite time zone set, date, time and speed all accessed on a PC viewer supplied for desktop computers.

Wifi is a huge part of the package. Automatically enabled on the unit at all time giving access to connect your Smartphone thanks to the RoaD-eye App available on the APP store and Google Play. Operating the App will not stop your internet access, a very important feature as most Dashcams get you to connect through the app and will stop you from browsing unless WiFi was turned off.

The RoaD-eye app will provide VOD playbacks/live view and downloads of desired clips. The App will also give you access to setting changes with simple touches. All videos are automatically saved on an SD card using a format free system called TAT format. TAT will save to last second of recording. No videos will be lost even if the SD card was taken out of the unit in an irregular way. Also, TAT format does not require formatting the SD card periodically as this can help extending the SD card life time.

Full HD quality video – GPS with speed indication – iOS and Android apps for full control.