SIR-001 Cyclops Large Battery Backup Siren

SIR-001 Cyclops Large Battery Backup Siren

Siren with 170mA/hr battery backup with built in shock sensor

Battery Backup Protection
The siren will continue to sound if a thief removes the vehicle’s battery leads. Internally the siren switches to it’s own battery for it’s source of power

Power supply

Sources constant power from vehicle's battery

Trigger wire

Trigger wire is grounded by alarm system to make sound

Enable/Disable switch

Key operated lock and switch with dust cap to turn off siren when taken the vehicle for a service

Automatic Battery Charging

The siren will automatically recharge it's battery from the vehicle battery

Sound Frequency bandwidth

1500Hz to 3550Hz

Sound Pressure Level

No less than 90dB and no greater than 115dB @ 1metre

Idle Current Draw

16mA maximum

Sounding Current Draw

1000mA maximum

Wide Operating voltage

Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC

Battery Backup Capacity

170mAH maximum

Battery Backup Charge Rate

10mA maximum


Dummy wire which may be used to confuse a thief, or to route the bonnet switch signal through the firewall back to the alarm

Installation Guide

Complete installation guide and specifications for the SIR-001 & SIR-009.

Australian Standards Compliant

Tested to and passed all relevant sections, including heat, moisture, vibration, sound pressure level of AS3749.1