650004 Autowatch Caravan Alarm

650004 Autowatch Caravan Alarm

The Autowatch 650004 Security Systems is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected.


Encrypted Remote control-4 Button
Touch Key override

NOTE: Battery is not included


Wireless P.I.R. (Wired PIR optional)
Wireless Leg sensor (Wired Leg sensor optional)

Security Features

Awning Light Flashing
Remote Panic Alarm Facility
Instant Alarm Trigger
Alarm System Battery Back-up
Pager Output (neg out)
Anti tamper Security Housing


The Autowatch 650 Security System is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan or boat is well protected.


The Autowatch 650 Security System is supplied with 2 robust 4 button remote control key fobs. The 4 buttons are for arm, disarm, panic and light control. A single press on the arm button will set the system, flash the awning/interior lights once (optional), give single soft confirmation chirp and then switch the awning/ interior lights back on for a further 30 seconds. The red status LED inside will flash once a second when armed.

To disarm the system you press the disarm button once. The awning/interior lights will flash twice, siren will give a double confirmation chirp and then the awning/ interior lights will come back on again for a further 30 seconds. The red status LED will go out.

Home Zone Isolation

When you are inside the caravan or boat and want to arm the alarm but isolate the interior sensor, you simply push the arm button twice within 2 seconds, there is a confirmation tone from the siren and theinterior red status LED flashes twice every secondinstead of once to give a visual indication that the Home Zone Isolation is active.


Press and hold the panic button down for 3 seconds will trigger the panic alarm. To cancel the panic trigger, simply press the panic button again and the alarm will reset. A hardwired panic option is also available.

Light Control

The light control button is a convenience feature where you can switch the awning/ interior lights on or off by simply pushing the button twice within 2 seconds.

Emergency Override

There are two blue touch keys supplied that are used to switch the system off if your remote batteries run flat. They are also used to enter programming mode.

PIR Sensor

The Autowatch 650 comes standard with an intelligent hardwired PIR. It relies on double pulse activation to prevent false alarming. You can also add up to 12 wireless PIR s to the system which can be learnt into the Home or Away zones. These are used when you have separate rooms or cargo bins that need additional protecting.

Silent Arm/Disarm

This a great feature to have where you can arm or disarm the system without the siren giving any audible arm/disarm confirmation chirps.

Red Warning Status LED

The warning status LED is built into the touchkey receptacle and serves as a visual deterrent and shows you what state the alarm is in.

Smart Power Usage – Hibernate Mode

The Autowatch 650 has a very low power consumption of <5m/amps when armed. If after 48 hours there has been no activity, then the alarm will go into hibernate mode to further conserve battery life. In hibernate mode we switch the status light and the receiver in the alarm off. This helps with winter storage.

Awning/Interior Light – Main Battery Low Indication

Along with the status LED indication of low battery, the awning/interior light offers an indication when the main battery is low. Instead of switching on for 30 seconds when you arm/disarm the system, it only switches on for 3 seconds.

Alarm Battery Back up (Optional)

The Autowatch 650 system can use a 7amp/hr backup battery to keep the system running if the main battery goes flat or is disconnected. NB This is for back up only and should not be the main source of supply.

Battery Back up Siren (Optional)

A battery back up siren can be added to theAutowatch 650 for extra protection.

Outputs for Paging or Tracking

The Autowatch 650 has a dedicated pager output that triggers when the alarm is sounding that can be linked to a short range RF pager, GSM (mobile phone) pager, or GPS tracking unit.

Test Mode/Warning Setting

If you want to test the alarm push the light button on the remote and then arm button within 2 seconds of each other. You will hear a test mode confirmation beep and the LED will be on constantly. The alarm will stay in this mode indefinitely until you press the disarm button once. When in test mode if any of the zones are triggered, the siren will beep a specific number of times confirming which zone was triggered.

This feature is also used as an early warning feature for when you are a short distance away and wantto know if anyone enters the caravan or boat.