263000 Autowatch 24V to 12V Converter

263000 Autowatch 24V to 12V Converter

24 volt to 12 volt converter for the fitment of 12 volt alarms or accessories to a 24 volt vehicle. Module also supplies an ignition switched 12 volt output for items that require a switched 12 volt supply, rated at 3 amps.

  • Operating voltage of 16 to 33 volts to supply 13.8 volts
  • Rated output at 3 amps continous
  • Low heat disipation
  • Operating temperature -20C to +80C
Voltage regulation

The module can supply a constant +12VDC at 250mA need when a system is disarmed and immobilisation relays are energised. The module can also supply the much higher current need to sound the siren for the 30 seconds (as allowed by sound output regulatory bodies).

Short circuit protection

The power supply wire to the system is protected against an internal fault within the system

Current rating

Module can supply 1amp continuously, and 3 amps surge

Extruded aluminium housing

The CONVERTER uses it's conductive outer housing to dissipate heat while under extreme load

Central locking

The module is not able to supply the +10 amps required to power central locking systems. A much higher capacity converter is required. Please call Dynamco direct on 08 9221 2345 or email the helpdesk with your enquiry.

Installation Guide

Complete installation guide and specifications for the CONVERTER.