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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamco is the leading Australian vehicle security research, design and manufacturing company.

This page contains technical information on a non-security issues. Professional installers may like to consider applying for a secure access account, which allow viewing of more detailed information.

Who can I call for help?

Our dealers and installers can provide 1st level help, please click to find a dealer near you.

How do I program my new remote control into my alarm/immobiliser?

The printed material supplied with new remote contols describes the programming procedure resonably well. However some clients have found tremendouse value in watching the procedure carried out successfully. We have posted these videos for your convience. Watch now!

Remote control batteries

Manufacturer's specifications for the 23a and 27a batteries used in Dynamco remote controls. Also see the Lithium range, which are becoming more common as their capacity is greater.

Drying Remote Controls

A recipe for disaster. Although a remote control will eventually corrode if left in contact with water. Drying it in your microwave oven will destroy it instantly.

Compatible Cyclops Remote Controls

Many Cyclops remote controls are cross-compatible with other remote controls. As the transmitter frequencies and security encoders have changed over the years. This page will guide you to the closest related remote controls to your's.

Competitors remote controls

If you have a remote and you don't know who made it. We may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Transmission frequencies

Cyclops systems have been produced to receive radio code transmissions. Over the years the frequencies have changed. These are the descriptions of the two most common and similar receiver boards used by our remote alarms and immobilisers.

Battery capacity

Ever wanted to know how long a fully charged car battery will last without recharging. This page includes a simple calculator to determine maximum charge capacity.


A breif outline of the tools needed to fit a vehicle security system.


Ever growing list of technical terms used by installers.

Electric window switches

If you're replacing burnt out electric window switch, find enclosed the schematic diagram for our switches.

CPU pin configuration

Basic electronic theory that shows where the pins on our cpu's are located.

Ford probe central locking connection

Multi voltage/single wire system, requires two relays and 4.7kohm resistor.

Central Locking Relay Configuration Diagrams

Central locking configurations vary from vehicle to vehicle. This document describes all the known confiurations and how to connect them to a remote alarm/immobiliser.