Our company

Dynamco is the leading Australian vehicle security research, design and manufacturing company.

From small beginnings we have grown steadily to become one of the world’s leading specialist companies in electronic vehicle solutions. Dynamco has a dedicated research and development team that is constantly focused on bringing innovative solutions to market. One of our core strengths is designing and customising systems to deliver increasingly sophisticated products, whilst retaining the balance of ease of use.

With our head office based in Perth, Western Australia, we are one of the largest companies supplying the aftermarket with electronic vehicle solutions in Australia. Hundreds of thousands of motorists worldwide have learned to rely on the sophistication, reliability and effectiveness of our systems.

Automotive customers demand and rightfully expect high levels of quality and after-sales service. This has been a key focus of our company with a quality manufacturing capability in Asia supported by a strong base of aftermarket distribution and support partners.

Dynamco’s initial business was centered on innovative, high quality vehicle security solutions. This allowed us to become one of the leading providers in the Australasian market and a rapidly growing force in North America. With ever increasing expectations of automotive customers, Dynamco has diversified beyond security to bring a new range of solutions to our customers and distribution partners.

Adding intelligence to our products through software and wireless technology, we strive to deliver products that are easier to use and provide tangible value to our customers.

People are key

Our core business is technology but our primary focus is on people and relationships. Our success to date as well as our future growth will continue to be based on this principle. We really do take business personally.

Work with us

With strong design, manufacture, distribution and support arms in Asia-Pacific, Dynamco is well positioned to bring your exciting vehicle products to market. We are also always on the lookout for extending distribution of our product range worldwide through high quality partners.